Ordering & Paying

Please feel free to download and use the software you find here!

The software is available for downloading from this site on either a shareware basis (in the case of the fonts) or a trialware basis (in the case of the tools).

'Trialware' means that the programs you download from this site are fully functional so you can really explore and evaluate them– but they'll lock up and stop working after a certain number of launches. If you like the program and want to keep using it after that, you can pay a fee to register your copy, and in return you'll get a key you can type in to unlock the program.

The payments for both shareware and trialware, and the trialware keys, are handled by Kagi of Emeryville, California. If you have a credit card, you can make your payment online and Kagi will get your key to you quickly via email; e-cash is also supported; otherwise you can pay through the mail by check or cash.

I hope to be able to offer physical goods such as CDs, CD-ROMs, and books for sale from this site soon, which will work much the same: Just place your order here on the website, then the items will shipped to you from Oakland, California as soon as Kagi processes your payment.

Specific ordering and price information for each item appears with all the rest of the information for the item; the list of available items is here.

If you have any further questions
about ordering and payments,
please email us by clicking here.

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