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Release 1.1.2, 5/19/98 (153k)

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About PlayMovie CMM
Using PlayMovie CMM
Version History

About PlayMovie CMM

PlayMovie CMM can make life slightly easier for animators, graphic artists, multimedia asset managers, programmers, picture editors, archivists, film librarians... anyone who has to manage collections of QuickTime movies on Mac OS computers.

PlayMovie CMM lets you play movies directly from the Finder, without having to open any application... and then it just goes away... all by itself.

Plays Sounds Too

PlayMovie CMM will also play many sound file formats. Note however that PlaySound CMM (also by Control-G) is specifically designed for sound playback, so if you're using both PlayMovie CMM and PlaySound CMM, 'Play Sound' will appear for sound files (in the contextual menu) instead of 'Play Movie'.

Easy Installation

To install PlayMovie CMM, just drag it to your System Folder, and then Restart.

About Contextual Menus

Under OS8, in the Finder, if you control-click on a file icon, a 'Contextual Menu' of things you can do to or with the file will pop up. The Finder ships with built-in items like 'Move To Trash' and 'Copy'; PlayMovie CMM adds an item for playing QuickTime movies.

Using PlayMovie CMM

Playing Movies

With PlayMovie CMM installed, if you control-click on a movie file, one of the items in the Contextual Menu will be 'Play Movie'. Just select 'Play Movie' and a window will pop up to present the movie, with the standard QuickTime controller bar.

If you let the movie play through to the end, the window goes away all by itself- no app to quit. Or, you can make the movie go away immediately by clicking outside the window, or pressing a key, or clicking the close box. If you want the movie to stay open at the end rather than closing, hit the S key while the movie's playing; or, to loop instead of closing, hit the L key.

You can also use the QuickTime controller bar. The button in the lower left corner alternates between Pause and Play. You can go to any point in the movie by clicking or dragging the small Knob in the long horizontal bar. To go Forward or Back by a small increment, use the two arrow buttons at the lower right. To Scrub the movie back and forth, control-click in the arrow buttons and drag left and right.

If you have enough memory, you can drag, resize, collapse, or zoom the movie. If you don't have enough memory for that, you can only resize the window to larger sizes, and not make it smaller. (These ordinary window operations require extra memory in a CMM.)

Playing QuickTime VR Movies

To pan a QuickTime VR movie, click in the image area and Drag in the direction you want to move; drag farther to go faster. Hold the Shift key to zoom in, and hold the Control key to zoom out. To exit a QuickTime VR movie, just click anywhere outside the PlayMovie CMM window.

Resizing Movies

You can resize the movie by dragging on the resize box at the bottom right corner. QuickTime will ordinarily constrain the resizing to keep the movie window the same shape, but if you Shift-Drag you can make the window taller or skinnier. For a normal QuickTime movie reshaping the window will distort or squeeze the image (which can be fun); for a QuickTime VR movie, reshaping the window just changes your view into the VR world.

Playing Multiple Movies

If you select more than one movie file before control-clicking, then PlayMovie CMM will play all of them, one after another. With a multiple selection, each click or keypress will stop playback of the current movie and take you to the next one; and typing Cmd-(any key) will cancel out of the whole selection.

Version History

Release 1.1.2    5/17/98

Several minor feature upvamps, some minor internal improvements, and a minor bugfix:

- Better handling of MPEGs

- Smoother movie startup and playback (thanks to the helpful help of the QuickTime engineers at Apple!)

- Cooler-looking, pallette-style window (per user feedback-- thanks!)

- Cmd-any-key cancels out of a multi-movie playback

- S-key makes the movie stay open rather than auto-closing at the end of playback

- L-key loops the movie rather than auto-closing at the end of playback

- Cmd-click in the title bar zooms the window (Hey, there's no zoombox in a floatProc, so sue me...)

- Added a slight delay at the end of playback to give you an extra chance to twiddle with the movie before it puts itself away.

- Fixed an annoying flash that would happen on the first content click after a window zoom.

Release 1.1.1    4/13/98

Minor bugfix addressing some irritating behavior in 1.1.0, which would repeatedly remind some registered users to register, wrongly, and would also in many cases display the registration reminder dialog far too frequently for unregistered users. 1.1.1 is much less pushy.

Release 1.1.0    4/10/98

- QuickTimeVR presentation improvements

- QuickTime 3.0 adaptations

- Enabled MPEG, AVI, and DV playback

- Allowed window dragging, zooming, collapsing, and resizing (if there's enough memory available to take the screenshots that are needed to avoid big ugly white rectangular holes in the display) (This is so ugly behind the scenes, believe me, you don't want to know what's going on to support the illusion that the movie window is just like any other Finder window!)

- Better compatability with other CMMs

- Easier registration.

Release 1.0.0    3/10/98

(First release, changes n/a)

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