PlayMovie CMM

Adds Sound File Playback to the Finder

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Release 1.1.0, 2/6/98. (115k)

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About PlaySound CMM
Using PlaySound CMM
Sound File Formats Supported

About PlaySound CMM

PlaySound CMM can make life slightly easier for sound designers, musicians, multimedia asset managers, programmers, music editors, archivists, sound librarians... anyone who has to manage collections of sound files on Mac OS computers.

PlaySound CMM lets you play sound files directly from the Finder, without having to open any application... and then it just goes away... all by itself.

Easy Installation

To install PlayMovie CMM, just drag it to your System Folder, and then Restart.

About Contextual Menus

Under OS8, in the Finder, if you control-click on a file icon, a 'Contextual Menu' of things you can do to or with the file will pop up. The Finder ships with built-in items like 'Move To Trash' and 'Copy'; PlaySound CMM adds an item for playing sound files.

Using PlayMovie CMM

Playing Sound Files

With PlaySound CMM installed, if you control-click on a sound file, one of the items in the Contextual Menu will be 'Play Sound'. Just select 'Play Sound' and the sonud will instantly play, with the standard QuickTime controller bar.

If you let the sound play through to the end, the bar goes away all by itself- no app to quit. Or, you can make the sound go away immediately by clicking outside the bar, or pressing a key. If you want the sound to stay open at the end rather than closing, hit the S key while the sound's playing; or, to loop instead of closing, hit the L key.

You can also use the QuickTime controller bar. The button in the lower left corner alternates between Pause and Play. You can go to any point in the sound by clicking or dragging the small Knob in the long horizontal bar. To go Forward or Back by a small increment, use the two arrow buttons at the lower right. To Scrub the movie back and forth, control-click in the arrow buttons and drag left and right.

Playing Multiple Sounds

If you select more than one sound file before control-clicking, then PlaySound CMM will play all of them, one after another. With a multiple selection, each click or keypress will stop playback of the current sound file and take you to the next one; and typing Cmd-(any key) will cancel out of the whole selection.

Sound File Formats Supported

  • Sound Designer II: 8-bit & 16-bit Linear
    8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit Linear
    8-bit MACE 3:1 and 6:1
    16-bit IMA 4:1
    16-bit Mu-Law
    16-bit RT29
  • WAVE: 8-bit & 16-bit Linear
  • AU: 8-bit Mu-Law

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